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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: mirrors are one of our favorite accessories. They come in all shapes and sizes and styles and bring a little bit of glamour to every room of the house. Best of all, they manage to make any space look bigger and brighter.

Of course, we all have mirrors in our house. But are you using yours to your best advantage? Here are 5 ways a well-placed mirror can work wonders in your room.

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Do you feel like you’re entering a cave when you’re walking down your hallway? Try hanging a large mirror near the end to bounce light into the hallway and brighten up the space. And if your hallway is particularly narrow, a long mirror on one wall will help create the illusion of a bigger space.

If your room feels crampedcheap throw pillow covers, try one of the oldest decorator’s tricks in the book: hang an expansive mirror or station a leaner mirror on a wall. Mirrors don’t have to be hung to do their job, either. For example, a mirror-top accent table is another way to visually expand the space.

Mirrors offer the perfect opportunity to make a big impact in a small space, whether you go for a shapely frameless mirror or a framed mirror with eye-catching pattern, texture or color that reinforces your decor.

Hanging a mirror or a pretty collage of smaller mirrors across from a window amplifies the natural light and gives the illusion of another window, creating a lighter, brighter room. And if you don’t have the natural light to bounce around, you can place a mirror near a lamp or wall sconce to create a similar effect. This is a great trick to try in a bedroom where the shades are often drawn.

Whether hung singularly on a wall or in a collage, a mirror becomes the focal point as it brightens a room. However, you can also strategically hang a mirror to highlight a special piece by reflecting it back into the room, such as a colorful painting or a striking pendant light.

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