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I was recently reading some blogs online and saw a question about using old crib mattresses instead of getting a new one for an upcoming baby. The mattress they were considering using was actually 20 years old (although I don’t know how much it had been used during that time.)I would suggest that using a 20-year-old mattress might not be the best idea. Perhaps if it had been stored in a dust-free environment – preserved, really – it would be okay. As long as it was scrupulously clean and dry when it was put in storage.

But what worries me is the materials used to make mattresses 20 years ago. I don’t know what precise laws regarding chemicals or heavy metals have changed during that timecheap throw pillow covers, but it’s not out of the question that some of the materials used to make crib mattresses 20 years ago are now recognized as toxic.

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In any case, with a new baby you really just can’t be too careful when it comes to health and safety. What happens to them when they’re an infant and in their formative years will influence them for their entire lives. A healthy environment, with a brand new organic cotton crib mattress that is certified as safe is a good start.

Since I got my BERNINA 1300MDC?last month I have been playing non-stop with all the new features. As a combination overlock and coverstitch machine, it has?24 different stitches and can do hems, specialty overlocking, and chain stitches. It’s all very exciting, but also a lot to learn!

I’ve got another Cricut Maker & EasyPress DIY project for you! Don’t worry, it’s still simple, but adorable! Look at these Heat N Bond Holiday Gift Bags I made! This no-sew?project is perfect for people like me! You know… people who don’t sew, but people who still want to use fabric with their new Cricut Maker.

I wanted to make something really elegant for Lily this winter, something that you don't see as much nowadays and something that would complete her new coat. I started thinking about old fashion classics which brought me to the hand muff. Two matching pieces would be better than one and thus the ear muffs.