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With the amount of injuries I’;ve had and with soccer starting up again for my son, I am reminded how much we use ice packs. Granted, it’;s my solution to everything. If it hurts, ice it! I use ice packs a lot. We also do a lot of hot baths with our homemade DIY Bath Detox Recipe.

Although I have several professional ice packs, a DIY Ice Pack is so easy to make and handy to have.

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When my son was about 18 months oldcheap throw pillow covers, he was always skinning his knees, so I had several of these DIY Ice Packs made up in those small snack bags. It was the perfect size for his little chubby knees. I always double bag and of course I would never leave my child alone with one, because I have good common sense.

Even though we have some pretty nice ice packs I purchased from my chiropractor, I still keep a couple of these homemade ones ready for when we need to take them in the car to ice along the way. I still double bag, but I have been known to leave my child alone with one now. (he’;s 15)

Icing is great for injuries. Way back in the day, we learned the RICE technique. It was also what I learned in my athletic training classes in college.

Many people think heat is the best for injuries, but if it’;s swollen, you do not want heat. If it’;s sore joints or muscles, heat is great…;…;.but make sure it’;s moist heat.

Otherwise it’;s doing nothing. ?I’;m not a doctor and I don’;t even play one on TV, but we can’;t live without our homeopathic Traumeelcream. ?With Arnica as one of it’;s ingredients, it’;s great forinjuries, bruising, sore muscles etc…; It’;s spendy, but so worth it.

Double bag to avoid leaking.

Do not leave small children unsupervised. Rubbing Alcohol is toxic if consumed.

I haven’;t tried this, some people use Dawn Dish soap.??I like how it makes it blue. Or of course you could use a frozen bag of peas. So many options!

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Several years ago a friend of mine (Mary Newton, one of the co-founders of OESD), made a pillow very similar to this one. The pillow is constructed from two placemats sewn back to back and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. The new OESD Sterling Monogram design collection #010 is PERFECT for this. There are two styles of lettering, and each style has two sizes. I used the largest size for the letter “L” and then added the “ove” with lettering from BERNINA Embroidery Software 6.