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Are you looking for some cute Halloween Costumes for kids that you can make yourself? Then you may love this tutorial teaches you how to make a kids mummy costume. It’;s a great costume for either boys or girls!? It’;s so easy to make, you can even adapt it to a no-sew costume if you like.? ?If you like this project then you may also like this Hooded Cape Sewing Tutorial.?

Ever since I had twins I’ve been trying to get them to “match” for Halloween!? I love making family matching Halloween Costumes. We’ve done Pebbles &; BamBam, Winnie the Pooh &; Piglet, the Incredible’s, Prince &; Princesscheap throw pillow covers, and 50’s costumes. ?

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The older they get the harder it is for me to “convince” them to match. You can see some of their?other costumes here.

Last year my son wanted to be a Mummy and after some “coaxing” my daughter and I agreed that there WAS such a thing as a Mummy Princess (note the tiara on her head).

Thus the DIY Mummy Prince &; Princess costumes were born.

I’ve adapted these to be boy mummy costumes and girl mummy costumes but obviously, you can make them however you like based on your kid’s wishes!

Time needed:?2 hours.


The first thing you need to do is to Tea Dye EVERYTHING that is white. ?Don’t bother dyeing tulle, it doesn’t stick. Dye all of your t-shirts, sweatpants, fabric, lace.To do this dump a whole box of tea bags into a plastic tub with hot water. Dunk all of your pieces and leave to sit for several hours.? Then rinse with cold water and line dry.

After your fabric has dried, start cutting up your yardage into strips. Vary your strips from 2″ – 4″;. Just RANDOM widths, don’t think about it too much just chop it up.

Start laying out your strips of fabric on top of your t-shirt. Again in just random crazy patterns. Lay one strip at a time and pin it in place.Make sure to wrap some of the strips around from the front of the shirt to the back. The crazier and sloppier it looks the better. It’s a Mummy after all!

Just use the cream thread and a tack stitch- add a tack stitch everywhere you had a pin.For extra reinforcement- ?you are going to stitch with your machine ON TOP of the strips/tshirt- catching all the layers (this will keep the strips from falling down when the kids walk around). If you don’t have a sewing machine, run a line of close together hand stitches up along the side seams of the shirts.Optional: For the girls’ mummy t-shirt- gather up some lace or tulle and hand stitch it into the t-shirt in a few spots.That’s it for the t-shirts.

Using the gray sweatpants turned inside out (so that the white is showing if you found white sweatpants you don’t need to do that) you are going to do almost the same thing as you did to the shirt, with a couple of exceptions.First- if there is elastic in the pants cuff- cut it out.

Now start laying down the strips of fabric- ?at the legs start at the cut seam (the inseam) and wrap it around front to back and end in the inseam- pin it place.For the top of the pants- just lay the strips over the pants- ?Then you are going to stitch right on top of the pants at the top- in the front and in the back.

After all of the strips are laid out on the pants- ?sew the inseam closed- ?you’ll have right sides (in this case the right side is the side with the strips on it) together- This will catch the ends of the strips into the seam.That’s it for the pants.

For the skirt you’ll need a basic skirt tutorial to start- you can use this one of mine-?just eliminate the wide waistband piece.You will have 3 layers to your skirt:-The top (layer 1) will be Tulle-Layer 2 will be strips of fabric-Layer 3 will be the skirt (made from the same fabric that you cut the strips out of).

Just make your skirt “sandwich” Stitch all the layers together, fold over the top about 1″ and make a casing then insert elastic cut to the right size.I hand stitched some “pickups” into the tulle skirt- just so you could see the underneath.

For the headpieces, I just used extra strips of fabric and tied them in my daughter’s hair.I used some spray ink on the entire costume when it was done to “age” it a bit more. You can just put some RIT dye in a squirt bottle and add detail as you’d like.My daughter wore cream leg warmers and tights under her costume.I’d recommend helping your kids get dressed in them as you don’t want to tangle the strips as they take it on and off.

A few of you asked about the location where we took our photos:

In my Sister-in-Law’s backyard is a beautiful park that the residents in the area like to frequent. ?There are stone walls that were built during the civil war, old iron gates &; cobblestone walkways. It’s beautiful. ?There are also a few civil war memorials back there too. ?The last 2 years we have gone trick or treating in her neighborhood- it’s fun and old and gives you that very old-fashioned spooky but fun feel that you want on Halloween day. ? Last year, my niece snapped these photos of my kids, trick or treating. She’s an excellent photographer and I could not be happier with how the photos turned out.

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