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Being creative with modern graphics has never been easier than what it is today in formulating designs, creating art and making an individual statement. Use your bedroom as a display area, and watch as your talent changes and improves over time. Prepare your Canvas: Use your room as a blank canvas for your new creations, as they come alive. Decide on a proper place to show off your work and prepare the entire area to magnify its beauty.

You may have paintings on a large, stretchedcheap throw pillow covers, wrap-a-round canvas, or have small prints that are framed behind glass. Whatever your persuasion, make sure your room is set up to enhance your work. Expandable Neutrals: Choose colours that will not compete with your display in duvet covers and bedroom curtains. Fabrics that are highly textured can also be combatant to different versions of art. For example, a corduroy duvet cover make look grand with a modern abstract scene of heavy charcoal lines, but a lovely pastel, will look awkward and out of place.

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Stay with lightweight spreads of off-white, light browns or greys, and you will find it much easier to use with a variety of colour. Window Treatments that Enhance: Plain white curtains can be too stark for a natural tone so take a little time and search for ready made curtains online that can provide the best backdrop for your room. Tans with horizontal stripes of burgundy and cream, or greys with pencil vertical black stripes will give the area a little character without being overwhelming. Proper Lighting: Light is important in a demonstration of beauty.

If you have chosen to use the wall area above your bed as your permanent display point, look at hanging lights instead of bedside lamps that can shine around your art. If you have designated an entire wall across the room from your bed, consider installing adjustable tract lighting. By staying with neutral colours and little texture, you can still have a nicely decorated room, but also one that sets the stage for each new print or modern graphic design that you wish to create and hang.

By using your bedroom for a show-place of your latest design, you have solitude time to ponder on changes on making your next piece. Let the ideas swirl around in your head and come up with your own unique designs that can have mood altering effects for a perfect bedroom addition.

Using bright, bold colour has long been a way to make a room interesting and full of life. But doing it the wrong way can really cause a problem if you don't know how to match them together. Follow these colour-decorating tips to get a colourful space that will leave guests envious of your surroundings.

This is how I made a quick and easy stuffed fox. It took me an afternoon to make and I'm quite slow at sewing. it could be easily adapted to a different animal with a different tail/head shape.

We’re always looking at design through the lens of simple, modern living. Sometimes we find those special pieces that truly spark curiosity and invite conversation. That’s certainly the case with the work of Andrew Molleur, a Kingston, New York, designer and ceramicist. His creations – particularly the Oblique Planters and Carrara Serving Bowl and Platter that Unison carries – strike a balance between fine art and functional design, with an underpinning of modernism.