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The splendour of Hollywood and all of its brilliance, can come to life in your own private sanctuary. Feel like a star with all the glamour and glitz that this great city provides by decorating your bedroom in just the right theme. A posh and pampered aura will lure you to sleep where your dreams of stardom and fame, awaits. Silver and gold come to mind when thinking about the rich rewards of the Hollywood scene.

Choose silver and greys as featured colours to keep the tone warm and tantalising. Buffed walls of granite, set in place under a light, creamy grey ceilingcheap throw pillow covers, is the perfect backdrop for highlighting silver and fluffy furs. Mystifying shades of blue and pearly white create a breathtaking atmosphere. If golds are used, keep them soft and limited to headboards and accessories, using champagne and green for colours.

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Luxury Bedding: The headboard can spell different things in the world of Hollywood. Remembering the great actors of yesterday is best remembered with a velvet or satin-style, tufted fabric-covered headboard. Keep the colour light to dramatise this focal point of charm and success. Outline with pearls or sequins to add defining. Place your favourite stars in simple picture frames and feature above your new headboard. Fine luxury bedding of high-count, crisp white sheets under duvet covers of taffeta of design-stitched sateen, will speak to you in grandeur.

Spectacular Furnishings: Don't be afraid to use a coat of low-sheen silver paint over an old bureau and bedside tables. The look will be classy and chic, when paired with your stylish bed. Use silver lamps with shades that match your duvet covers and lights that shine upward for a romantic taste in the evening hours.

Finally, have some fun with furs that present a picture of actresses, swallowed in this heavenly bliss. Use thick furs for rugs, trim on bedroom curtains or settee tops for a soft, dazzling touch. Keep curtains white if fur trim is chosen. Otherwise, silver curtains can add a striking view of the city lights outside. You don't have to be a Hollywood star to feel like one.

By decorating your bedroom with the things that stars are made of, you can have all the glamour and glitz, without the work. Settle into your perfect arena of stardom with a celebrity magazine and float into a dream world filled with lights, action and cameras.

This DIY Gardening Hand Scrub has saved me! Our back yard is in full bloom! We’ve got apple trees, pear trees, Asian pear trees, tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, raspberries and blueberries, not to mention the beds and beds of flowers and shrubs. ?I’m usually running outside in my bare feet to grab a handful of raspberries, a tomato or just a handful of flowers. This year I decided to make my own DIY Gardening Hand Scrub that I also use on my feet! I love to make my own sugar body scrubs or sea salt body scrubs. It’s so much cheaper and the results are always amazing.

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Designer: Prada; Photo: Imaxtree for Vogue