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cheap throw pillow covers New Colours for Summer 5- Platinum Grey funny cushion covers
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If you are looking for a completely fresh approach to decorating your bedroom then platinum grey is a surprisingly striking colour for one's room. Platinum grey wallpaper in the bedroom is a really great way for you to start your interior décor project and two-tone vertical grey stripes are particularly effective. Once you have chosen the style of wallpaper you like, you should now look at the smaller aspects of the room. Bed-side table lamps with grey shades add that special touch and most of the time you can simply buy new shades and fit these to your exiting table lamps.

Obviously these table lamps will need to sit on something yet it is not necessary for you to buy new cabinets as you can paint these to match the colour scheme throughout the rest of the newly decorated room. Try to ensure that the colour of the grey paint for your cabinets are the same shade as the table lamps and then place these on either side of the head of the bed. Next, you need to consider breaking up the grey colours with lighter shades and there really is no better colour than 'striking white'.

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With a wall-hanging decorative piece such as a white rug hung behind the head of the bed, your bedroom will really start to come alive and take on a modern and simplistic appearance. Even subtle pieces such as a white telephone or picture frame helps contrast and compliment the platinum grey wallpaper and other grey aspects of the room. Socheap throw pillow covers, now you have some wonderful two-tone grey walls complimented by the white in your bedroom, look to create something special by introducing luxury bedding with platinum grey as the base colour. You do not necessarily have to replace the whole bed but with a little bit of creativity you can make yourself a brand new headboard for your existing bed.

Okay, so now you should have brand new walls, new bed-side furniture and other accessories to compliment your new platinum grey bedroom. As a final touch, you should then try to match your bedroom curtains with the rest of the room. Remember that the curtains are going to be very noticeable against the colour of your walls so if you chose to adorn your walls with vertical grey stripes then make sure you choose curtains that use a bold shade of grey, contrasting with a softer tone, such as with grey and white curtains.

There are quite clearly so many things you can do with a bedroom but the platinum grey should promote a simplistic and 'uncluttered' approach. For that final touch to your luxury bedding, add a couple of black and white cushions to complete the look.

I have a friend who is living in some tight quarters.? And her bathroom, as she explained, is kind of like a “closet”.? While we no longer have the same issues (thank goodness for a few cupboards)……..I totally feel her pain.? We have lived in MANY apartments with the same problem.? All there’s room for is one little toilet…….and luckily, a sink.? There have been many times we’ve had no storage space for toilet paper, towels, cleansers, nothing.? And yes, I know, it’s so FRUSTRATING!? So, this friend of mine saw one of these toilet paper holders and asked if I could duplicate it for her.? Well, why not?? Let’s fix that little problem!

Baby is on the way which could mean only one thing - it is time to start decorating that nursery and preparing for their arrival. It is in our nature that we want our babies nursery to look stunning and stylish - we want to give them the best start in life.

Several years ago a friend of mine (Mary Newton, one of the co-founders of OESD), made a pillow very similar to this one. The pillow is constructed from two placemats sewn back to back and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. The new OESD Sterling Monogram design collection #010 is PERFECT for this. There are two styles of lettering, and each style has two sizes. I used the largest size for the letter “L” and then added the “ove” with lettering from BERNINA Embroidery Software 6.