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Hello all my Stencil Stories fans! How’;s all that Spring cleaning going?? Wait, is that you caught underneath a pile of clutter? Ah, I can see you’;ve been cleaning out those closets. Yikes! You are in definite?need of some tips on how to organize your closet to keep it beautiful and fun at the same time! And we have just the idea for you.? So before you start putting all those things back into the closet, wait to see what Cutting Edge Stencils has in store for you today!

What if we told you, we think you should add a little peek-a-boo stenciled pattern to the interior of your closet?? Yupcheap throw pillow covers, you heard that right.? What if every time you opened your closet door there was a fun pattern staring back at you?? In disbelief are you?? Just think of it as an easy way to add a fun design element in an unexpected place.? And below we’;ve had some fabulous fans who have tested this theory out. So take a minute out of your chaotic cleaning mess to be inspired to stencil something new!

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Let me? introduce you to Tiffany, our crafty but organized blogger friend behind, Lemon Tree Creations. ? Tiffany likes pretty closets.? Actually who doesn’;t!? She was in the process of updating her son’;s room into a big boy room when the idea hit her to pretty up his closet.? She chose the Houndstooth Stencil because she loves the fun pattern and she selected a gray similar to Benjamin Moore’;s fusion AF-675 to stencil over the already white closet.? Tiffany used a temporary spray adhesive to get the stencil to stick to the wall.? While she was concerned about using the spray adhesive, she found that by following the directions it helped make the project go much smoother.? After stenciling the closet Tiffany says, “;Pretty soon, this is what his closet looked like and I was loving it. ?Fun, right?”; Yup, we think so!

Come meet our buddy Rebecca, who is the creative gal behind the blog, The Lil House That Could. Rebecca was working on creating the perfect nursery for her baby-to-be.? She had originally chose the Polka Dot Allover Stencil to stencil the ceiling.? But as the nursery was coming along, she changed her mind.? With the stencil in hand, Rebecca looked over at her gloomy green closet and though THAT could use a stencil!? And that’;s how it happened.? Out came the can of white paint and the Polka Dot Stencil.? Rebecca says, “;I’;m so happy that I decided to stencil the closet.”;? This closet is so adorable that you almost don’;t want to fill it, right?

Can’t get enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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