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We stumbled on this lovely side table at the ever-illuminating Aqqindex. “;Paint and parchment side table”; was the only info. We instantly envisioned plywood, one of our favorite materials for its possibility and accessibility. You could make a table like this with three rectangles and two flat sides cut with?whimsical swirls.

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We KNOW it would take some practice to use a jigsaw to make such elegant curves. ?And probably a good solid template. It’;s certainly possible to do; after all, that is how gingerbread on Victorian houses is done.

Photograph by Jason Penney

So we looked up “;how to cut plywood with a jigsaw”; and found a trove of info and videos. Our favorite is Pretty Handy Girl’;s tutorialcheap throw pillow covers, which includes the why’;s of her favorite jigsaw and a video that includes essential safety prep.

Then we got imaging all the things we could do with a jigsaw, like cut-out walls into a room...

Mélanie Rodriguez for The Socialite Family

…;walls?full of unexpected patterns...

Scott Carter

…;and even crazy, rough holes cut out of sheetrock…;

Toogood Studio

…;or holes as handles in plywood furniture?or cabinets...

We want a jigsaw NOW!

Our construction consultant Nina Saltman recommends the inexpensive Black &; Decker Variable Speed Jigsaw, since she says “;you’;ll probably only use it occasionally and it should do the job”;. But we’;re gonna do our research.

Good morning, my DIY friends.? Whether you’re planning a nursery for yourself or helping out a friend, those bare walls can be an unwelcome sight.? We, at Cutting Edge Stencils, feel that stencils can greatly enhance a nursery and it doesn’t always mean you have to paint an accent wall. Ashley, the DIY queen behind the blog Domestic Imperfection, decided to create a stenciled nursery sign and we’ve got the project deets! Let’s take a look…

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In home décor sewing, there are lots of squares and rectangles. Pillows, placemats, curtain panels... nice flat shapes with plenty of good ol' right angles. But, if life didn't throw us a few curves now and then, it wouldn't be a very interesting journey would it?! You may feel a little apprehensive about learning to sew curves, thinking you’re happy with all things square. But learning to bend those right angles is a necessary part of sewing, and opens up new, fun possibilities. With our help, it's easy to do too!?