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Good Morning, my aspiring stencil crafters!? Have you been envying the stencil projects we share on Facebook?? Maybe you know you want to stencil, but you’;re not really sure which stencil project is right for you.? Cutting Edge Stencils completely understands the predicament you’;re in.? The options can be overwhelming, when you are deciding on a project and then picking out the stencil designs.? Please put your stencil fears aside because we are here to help!

We put together this super fun quiz to help you determine the stencil project that’;s right for you.? All you have to do is answer the questions below and see where you end up!? Sounds easy enoughcheap throw pillow covers, right?? Let’;s get started!

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Feature Wall: A stenciled feature wall is a great way to add depth and interest to your space.? Pick a wall in your space and take the plunge using our Marrakech Trellis Stencil.? Not only is it one of our most popular selling Moroccan stencils, but it’s also super easy to use.? This stenciled dining room was painted by Hanna Smith, one of our stenciling fans.

Rug: A stenciled rug will allow you to introduce color and pattern to a neutral painted room. ?Jazz up a plain rug with the feminine Alessa Scroll pattern? in a deep purple like Sheila, from Plum Doodles, did.? The design of this pretty pattern is forgiving to first time stencilers.

Pillow:? A stenciled throw pillow is a creative way to insert small, patterned pops of color when you find big, bold designs overwhelming.? Jori Anne, a stencil fan, used our Wild Berry Damask to create this navy and gold pillow to enhance her surroundings.

Curtains:? We agree that white is a color and white rooms are stunning.? Further jazz up the space with interesting patterns and textures.? Lolly Jane nailed it with her Julia Allover stenciled curtains in complementary neutrals.

Canvas Wall Art: Stenciled wall art is the perfect project for a DIY novice because it’s so simple.? Select a canvas size that you’;re comfortable with so that? the project is only as big as you handle.? Then choose a fun pattern like our Zinnia Grande Stencil in a bright color.? The simple flower pattern is a great choice for beginners.? Deanna’;s stenciled wall art is a prime example!

How did we do in helping you choose a stencil project? We’;d love to read your comments in the section below!

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Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

You’ll likely notice a new look on the pages of our Fall 2017 catalog, and it’s not just because we’re ready for a new season. We’re launching our latest designer partnership with celebrated decorator Miles Redd. We sat down with the man of the hour to talk about the inspiration behind the pieces he designed for his first collection.

The only person I know who’s pickier than a Strat editor is the one with whom I’m celebrating a three-year anniversary. The man will drink Yuengling out of a faded wedding koozie, but to shop with him is to analyze details most of us pass over — the way thread loops through a button, or the shade of rubber on the sole of a Vans shoe. I won’t even buy a houseplant without consulting him, so in honor of our anniversary — something that’s a mutual celebration, anyway — any gift-giving we do will be something we (methodically) choose and go in on together. Here’s what I’m considering.