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There’;s always those points in the year where a healthy declutter is essential to get your home back in order and reclaim some space. Whether it’;s unwanted gifts and gadgets, styles you’;ve gone off or you’;ve overdone it in the sales, a good clear out will make room for new additions while thinning out anything unloved.

Your wardrobe is always a good place to start, from hardly-worn winter clothes to summer clothes you never see yourself wearing again. It’s time to let go of anything no longer wearable nor wanted to charity.

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Have a big pile of cards from family and friends? They’ll come in handy for gift tags next year – simply cut them into squarescheap throw pillow covers, use a hole punch in one and slip some ribbon through. Pop them into the attic or next to your gift wrapping drawer, ready for the next occasion.

Did Santa bring your children an abundance of toys this year? Instead of falling over them, try underbed drawers for a space-saving take on a practical toy box. It’;s not just for kids either –; underbed storage is a practical choice for master and guest bedrooms particularly for out of season clothing and extra bedding (don’;t forget to pack them in vacuum storage bags to make the most of the space).

It’s a perfect time for a foodie fresh start. There could be a tin of tomato soup from the 90’s lurking in the depths of your kitchen cupboard, so take the opportunity to clear the contents and throw away anything that’s out of date. If you have a stash of leftover bits and pieces from hosting a big meal or party, get creative with a new recipe combination to use them before they’;re past their best.

A quick way to declutter is to get rid of anything that you don’t want or don’t need by donating, recycling or throwing it away. For every gift that you receive, or every sale bargain you pick up, try and throw two older things away. It’s might be a little painful at first, but it will all be worth it!

A clear desk promotes a clear mind, so ditch any old paperwork and organise your in-tray. Reinvent your desk?for a renewed productivity with fresh stationery and a neat?storage system, and check out our handy guide on how to clear your desk (it’;s not just for students!).

Hello Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body readers! I'm Leigh Anne and I blog over at Houseologie. I'm super excited to be here blogging at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body today. I'm going to be sharing a fun & easy Copper and Wood DIY planter box with all of you.

I love these microwaveable heating pads. ?The are great for soothing sore muscles, injuries and cramps, or just for warming up your bed before you go to sleep. ?They are really easy and inexpensive to make and make great gifts!

There are several different ways to press flowers, however, some of these techniques take a few weeks to do. For those that are not so patient, or get the urge to craft right that minute, I’m going to show you how to press flowers in just five minutes or less. Once you have your bouquet of pressed flowers you can craft the day away making cards, decoupage projects, and more.