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Snaps are one of our favorite closures. They're small yet sturdy, like a cute little Corgi dog. But there's not always a lot of variety from which to choose. You can usually find nickel or brass, and the Western favorite: pretty pearl head snaps, every once in awhile, maybe a rhinestone alternative. But that's where the decorative options usually ended. So when Babyville snaps hit the market a few years ago, their bright colors and cute cover designs were an instant hit. They were immediately snapped up for their decorative flair. We've used them on several Sew4Home projects, and now we have a full tutorial dedicated to showing you just how easy they are to insert.?

cheap throw pillow covers

If you've used metal snaps beforecheap throw pillow covers, and uttered words your mama wouldn't like to hear, you'll find these Babyville versions easier to work with. But, to make sure you're well-rounded (and mama's happy), you may want to review our handy tutorial on inserting metal snaps. It will take a lot of the frustration out of the process. We also have a handy summary article with our top ten closure tutorials, featuring snaps and more.

Our thanks to Babyville for providing us with a selection of their snaps and tools. You can find the full line of Babyville products at in-store and online retailers everywhere, from these snaps to super-cute PUL to buttons, elastics, appliqués, and more.

And remember, Babyville is not just for babies. Several of their design groups would work for any age.?

Follow the easy steps below to begin your snap-o-mania. Yep, it's addicting. Soon, everything will be in need of a snap!

A complete snap assembly has four parts: two covers, the socket, and the stud. Because Babyville snaps use a finished cover on both halves, the snap set is reversible.?

We like how the snaps are packaged with the sockets and the studs each in their own mini bags inside the main bag that contains all the covers.

You can select from a wide variety of covers – both plain colors as well as cute embossed designs, from hearts and flowers to turtles and robots.?

The majority of the Babyville snaps come in the most common size 20, which equates to just under ?" (12mm) in diameter.?

The all-purpose white snaps are also available in two additional sizes: size 16 (apx. ?" or 11mm) and size 24 (apx. 9/16" or 15mm).

The Babyville Snaps must be put in with the Babyville Snap Pliers. These pliers have been specially designed to work with the plastic snaps to allow for easy, secure insertion without damage to the surface of the snap covers.?

The pliers themselves come factory-set with the shank, rubber pressing head and die tray in place for the most common size 20 snaps.?

You also get die trays for both size 16 and size 24 snaps, as well as a thicker shaft set up with the pressing head for size 24 (the shank and pressing head for the size 20 snaps will also work for size 16).

In addition, there are two extra rubber pressing heads (one in each size), an awl for poking holes, and a screwdriver to use when changing the shank.

We are not addressing how to change the shank here, but there are full directions within the plier packaging. It's a quick and easy process.

With snaps, it's not uncommon to get less-than-perfect results the very first time. Make sure you have extra snaps in the size you'll be using for your project. Take a scrap of your project fabric, fold it and add interfacing just like you would for your project.

After you've successfully installed a few tests on your scrap, go ahead and install on your actual project.

Now... snap to it!

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