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A reader recently alerted us to Bea Johnson, creator of the website Zero Waste Home,?who challenged herself to wear a single man’;s shirt in 50 different iterations, as part of her committment to a zero waste lifestyle:

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?Great inspirationcheap throw pillow covers, and many iterations look so wearable and comfortable. Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and her oversize shirts with tails wrapped around her waist and tied in front. A great look and a fresh perspective at the same time.

Bea posted images of her many stylish shirt improvisations on Zero Waste Home. Unfortunately, the black-and-white photos don’;t show all the detail we’;re dying to see, nor does Bea describe the fabric and style of the shirt she chose: But we got a sense of it in this photo:

zero waste home

It’;s big man’;s shirt and looks to be made of somewhat stretchy knit fabric, which would make for tying and tucking…;

zero waste home

According to a Q &; A on her site, Bea’;s styles involved no cutting or sewing, other than removing labels (to be able to wear the shirt inside out) and two button holes added to the bottom front to make it more versatile…;.

zero waste home

…;she even turned her shirt into a hat!

zero waste home

Read more of Bea’;s process here. It’;s kind of like an extreme version of Natalie Purschwitz’;s vow to?make everything she wore for a year (shoes included).?

We highly recommend Bea’;s Zero Waste Living Tips page. It’;s full of ideas for cutting down even on recyclables (which are often NOT recycled). Our favorite: use baking soda as a facial scrub. It has the superfine texture of the expensive scrubs we’;ve tried, leaves your face really smooth, and costs hardly anything.

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