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Gever Tully started a?Tinkering School for kids, an exploratory curriculum designed to teach kids how to build the things they think of. By exploratory he means setting kids loose in a shop full of tools and materials (with supervision) and encouragement to “;fool around”;. ?In his wonderful TED talk, Tully describes the “;deep internal realization”; kids have from the experience, which happen to be the same ones you get (at any age) from improvising:

As I watched Tulley’;s talkcheap throw pillow covers, I thought: I want to go there! I want a tinkering school for grownups!

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Dean Kaufman/The New York Times

Then I stumbled on?an article in the New York Times about Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont which IS for adults. It teaches both design and construction, with a focus on “;natural building”;, to people of all ages and experience levels. The course offerings are vast; they are based on three scales of the design/build process: Whole Buidlings and Communities (large); Materials, Methods and Building Systems (medium); and Architectural Craft and Woodworking (small scale). Here’;s a sampling:

Deconstruction &; Material Re-UseStrawbale Design/BuildPly Like and EagleFabric Formed ConcreteRigging Rolling &; RaisingThinking Like a MountainDo-It-Yourself Home Energy…;…;in addition to basic carpentry, plumbing, electrical, powertools…;welding…;

Yestermorrow encourages you to envision, design and build cool things, like the wheelchair-accessible treehouse (above).

What would you build if you could?

What great thing has tinkering lead you to create?

This fall, amid all of the chaos and holiday parties, we’re committed to making time for quieter moments.?And is there any more rewarding way to spend a still moment than with a great read??(No.?The answer is no.)?Inspired by Halloween, a day when we all dress up in costumes, we gathered five books we're reading this autumn that explore disguises and/or identity.