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Over Christmas, quite by accident we stumbled upon a creative gift wrap idea that I thought I would share with you guys!

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We were at Target, 2 days before Christmas frantically shopping for a box to wrap some odd sized gifts in for my niece and nephews. ?I couldn’;t find anything in the store that would work, the place was pretty picked over.

We walked past the party aisle and mostly as a joke (and out of utter exhaustion) I saidsofa pillow covers, “;let’;s just wrap them in a pi?ata”;…; My kids (and husband) thought it was a great idea, so we did!

What started out as a crazy hunt for gift box at Target turned out to be a fun little Christmas gift.

After we decided on the pi?ata idea, we headed over to the dollar section to get a few other trinkets to put in the pi?ata’;s along with the gifts we had purchased before hand. ?Things like glow sticks, stickers, slinkys and crayons.

We ended up with 3 pi?atas, 2 “;shoes”; for the boys and a cupcake for the girls. ?The hole in the pi?ata was not quite big enough to squeeze the toys all into, so we cut a little trap door in the bottom of the pi?ata to make for easy access (we just taped it back closed).

I knew the kids well enough to know they would not want to “;hit”; the pi?atas to break them open. Obviously if you want to hit the pi?atas to get the gifts out then I would not put anything in there that is breakable.

The kids had a great time digging into the pi?atas to find their gifts, and ended up keeping the pinatas afterwards to play with.Connect with me:

Do any of you sewers also crochet? Or do crocheters also sew? (is crocheters a word?) I’ve been getting the feeling these are one-or-the-other type hobbies. Even so,I’ve just been learning crochet this year and i really like it, though for me it’s a little bit of delayed gratification, since most projects seem to take longer then sewing. That being said, I’ve tried to come up with projects that use crochet but are a little quicker, like this top.You just crochet the neckline, then sew the dress to it. It’s a lot like the Snappy Toddler Top, with a different neckline.The cotton yarn is nice and airy for summer, and I ADORE this Eau de Mer fabric, Push Green, which is on sale right now (along with all japanese import fabric) at Fabricworm. Get the full Quick Crochet & Fabric Top tutorial after the jump…Quick Crochet & Fabric Top

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first child’s first term or you’re a seasoned pro, the phrase ‘back to school’ can stress even the most laid-back parent. Uniform shopping is never going to be a first choice activity for you or your kids, but it has to be done.

Do you ever get creative ideas while sleeping?