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This week, we are joining Sheri Levitt on her gypsy travels to experience the retired ocean liner permanently docked at Long Beach Harbor?–; RMS Queen?Mary.

Last year for Thanksgiving, me and my mom went with a senior travel group (I went as my mom’;s helper) to the Queen Mary. We spent a couple of nights there. The ship is a nice place to go for a day tripsofa pillow covers, but to stay for a night or two might be too long for the more comfort-liking people. It’;s an old ship, so it doesn’;t have a lot of modern things, like air condition for the rooms.

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This was my bed in our room. It was a small single bunk but, surprisingly, I didn’;t fall out of it. lol

These are portholes in our room –; they are open because the room was so warm. It made you appreciate even more the things we take for granted in our homes nowadays.

I explored a lot while on the ship. Plenty of Art Deco and vintage elements from back then can be found all over the whole place.

The hallways were all decorated for the holiday. They are very spacious and a great place for a cool morning stroll.

This is a replica of the children’;s playroom; it is located in the first class section of the liner.The original artwork on the walls is from the 2nd and 3rd class playrooms.

A beautifully preserved Art Deco design that can be found in Queen’;s Salon. It is called?“;Unicorns in Battle”; by A. Oakley and G. Bayes and is a large gesso panel which frames the curved onyx fireplace below.There are plenty more of pieces like this one in the common rooms of the ship.

At the other end of the room, directly over the stage is M. Lamberts bronze-relief panel entilted ‘;Symphony’;.

Bling out lamp. It was so beautiful and shiny that I had to take a picture of it.

Queen Mary had a Kosher kitchen and a Kosher pantry. These are some of the Kosher dishes that are on display.

This is in the lobby of the ship. The Christmas Tree and Teddy Bear attendant are both so cute.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay on HMS Queen Mary. And so did my mom.

–; Sheri –;

Last night, I was browsing books in a shop, and I picked up a copy of a solemn-looking little tome called The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior. Of course, my fingers opened it, without leafing first, right smack to the entry "Embroidery" (why does this always happen to me?). I read the entry with great fascination, amusement and a little bit of shock (it was first published in 1954, after all). Quoth Monsieur Dior:

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