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Hello! Its?Monday and most of us are ready for the weekend already. Despite being stuck at work, we can still have some gypsy-worthy adventures. so…; let’;s hit the road again! This time Sheri Levitt takes us on her gypsy travels to the Route 66 museum in Victorville, California.

Last year for Thanksgivingsofa pillow covers, me and my mom went with a Senior Travel Group (I’;m not a senior, I went as my mom’;s helper) to the Queen Mary. On the way back home the next day, we stopped at a small Route 66 Museum in Victorville, CA.It was really cool. Lots of retro stuff! I love stuff like this, so I took lots of pictures. Everywhere you looked, there was something there.

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Here are some of the pictures I took.

Cute little camper with a kitchen in the back.

This VW Bug van you can go in for a picture opportunity.They even have wigs and glasses for you to put on and get the feel of the times.

Outhouse, and one of the big signs they have there.Also you can see hints of a couple old washers in the pictures.

Course they have a jukebox with records. Remember those? Sadly, it was out of order.

Just a few of some pictures and signs they have displayed on the walls there.

Fun old American Diner set up. One of my favorite things there.

Gas Station Attendants uniforms for when you went and they filled your car.

Couple of old gas pumps.

Old stove and cooling equipment.

They even have items hanging from the ceiling.Here you can see a small Chain Speed Drive car.

We really enjoyed our trip. I hope you enjoyed the photos!

–; Sheri –;

Make sure you stop by next Monday to see where the gypsy travellers take us next!

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