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Sally Schneider

Wandering around Artists and Craftsmen?the other day, we came across jigsaw puzzle blanks meant to be painted or printed on to make a?custom?jigsaw puzzle.

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We saw the jigsaw pattern as an interesting possibility for a …;.floor, no doubt inspired by our white-painted plywood floors with their geometric grid of seams. From the beginningsofa pillow covers, we’;ve thought of them as a potential palette on which to paint designs or splashes of color. What would a mild jigsaw puzzle design look like?

Sally Schneider

We love the process of envisioning. As we look at images of our floor, we overlay the jigsaw pattern in our mind’;s eye…;

Sally Schneider

We found a?DIY version online that was NOT quite the groovy idea we imagined. The yellowish wood was a little cheesy.


So we photographed it to see what it would look like neutral and bleached…;


Better…;perhaps we’;re onto something.

The two versions of jigsaw blanks we bought provided clues as to what would work best: the bigger pattern, with less pronounced lines would be less busy than the smaller, darker one.

Both have a faintly?Keith Haring quality.

Hmmm. Maybe white linoleum would be the way to go.

Or, shift floor to wall and make a wallpaper…;

What do you think?

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