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And so the saga begins……

Actually, it began some time ago when my daughter got engaged. I was thrilled when she asked me to make her wedding dress!? I love to sew garments and my favorite thing of all to make is bridal gowns. I have probably made close to 25 gowns during the few years I was a custom dressmaker.

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Our first step in this process was to narrow down exactly what she wanted. This was a task in itself! Jessica sometimes has a hard time making up her mind and she sometimes changes her mind, which makes me a little nervous.

She, of course, pored over all sorts of bridal magazines to help narrow her choice, but there is nothing like seeing the gown on your shape to help you decide on the final style. So she tried on all sorts of gowns at many different places. I want her to be sure that the gown I make her is EXACTLY what she wants.

She tried on romantic gownssofa pillow covers, traditional gowns, dramatic gowns, frilly and lacy gowns, plain and simple gowns, and some that were bedazzled with beads and sequins. She has finally chosen the style and we are ready to begin the gown!

Just a few tips on this process:? Be sure to take a measuring tape with you to measure the length of the train, flare of a skirt, and other garment details. A camera, of course, for keeping track of all the styles is very helpful. If you can take pictures of the front and the back view by using a mirror, this helps give you a good perspective of the gown. Also, close-ups of any special features of the gown may help, too?. A notepad to record the manufacturer’s name, fiber and fabric information, any special garment details, and price of the gown will help you later when you piece together the ideal gown. Make note of the construction under the dress as well—petticoats, interfacing, and boning. BTW, most bridal salons do allow picture-taking.

?Now on to the next steps….taking measurements and making the test garment.

My next few blogs will be about the process of making this very special project for a very special daughter on this, her special day.

Sometimes I have so much to share but can hardly find the time to sit down and share it. That’s exactly how I feel right now. I photograph a lot of what I do and sometimes I neglect to share it with you. Ani’s room has been “done” for several months and while I’ve shared glimpses of it in posts from parties and the holidays, I realized that I’ve never just talked about Ani’s bedroom.

Adding Christmas Lights in a bedroom can make it feel warm, cozy and magical for the holidays. Learn how to make your bedroom and kids’ bedrooms festive!

When we purchased our home two & a half years ago, we looked at it as our forever home. We envisioned the girls {just Adalyn & Ani-to-be} having friends over in our walk out basement& my clients using the side entrance to my office, among so many other dreams. We quickly learned that plans change & if you roll with them, life gets even bigger & better than you planned. Shortly after Aniston’s birth, we learned that we would be expecting our third child! It became very apparent to me that the life I designed for myself would be painted a little differently. I stopped accepting wedding & event clients & was using my office less often everyday. I started transitioning it to a multi-purpose space {coming soon} & our lives took another turn– we made the decision to relocate. From there, we frantically worked to finish the house & design it to our vision, hoping that someone else would fall in love with it.I have so many exciting projects to share over the next couple months as we venture into the new chapter of our lives. Follow our house hunting adventure this week on Instagram& subscribe to see the dining room, exterior, sunroom, closet system & more!