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We just moved into a new home and I found that my bedroom drapes were a few inches too short. Oh, no! What to do? Lengthen them by adding tabs to the top, of course! So off to the fabric store I went. I cut rectangles of fabric twice the needed length plus about 2″;sofa pillow covers, and stitched the sides together. I drew a line 1?”; from one short end, marked the center of the strip about ?”; from the end, then stitched to connect the dots and form a point at the end of each tab. Then I turned them right side out and pressed them.

To apply the gimp trim to the edges, I selected my widest zigzag stitch (9 mm), attached my all-purpose dual feed?foot (BERNINA Reverse Pattern Foot #1D), and engaged the BERNINA Dual Feed on my BERNINA 830. If you don’;t have an 8 Series machine with Dual Feed, use a walking foot instead (BERNINA Walking Foot #50).

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Stitching the trim in place with a 9 mm zigzag stitch was a snap using BERNINA Dual Feed.

No stretching, no shifting! (No ripping!)

How easy was that?!

We truly enjoyed reading all the entries posted in our “dreams for your daughter” contest.? Thank you to our customers and fans for taking the time to let us know your thoughts about your daughters’ futures … we were simply blown away by the many heartfelt entries. ?And now it’s time to announce our winner!

Once you have decided the kind of curtains or drapes you want for your room, the next step is choosing the right curtain rod. It is curtain rods, which frame and give depth to a room. But they should not command all the attention. With options aplenty, deciding on the window curtain rods colour, size, finials and make can be a task. Whether you need something timeless or trendy in wood or metal make? All these and more will be explained here, it’s all about curtain rods, after all.

Before we left on our Disney Cruise for Spring Break I created a few Personalized Disney Family shirts. I even made a fun Disney inspired beach bag to tote around the boat with me.