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sofa pillow covers Patio Party- Sitting Pretty Chair Cushions customized rustic pillow covers
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Your Patio Party guests will stay longer if they have somewhere soft and pretty to sit. Give your chairs comfort and style with a set of custom seat cushions. Outdoor furniture often comes with a set of basic cushions, but the standard colors are pretty bland and boring. It's much more fun to mix and match colorful fabrics to create a unique seating experience.

To figure out how big your cushions should be, measure the width and depth of one chair seat edge to edge. Then, subtract about an inch all the way around. This will be the dimension of your cushion insert. Stay with the original full measurement for the fabric pattern pieces; the excess will be taken up in the ?" seam allowance all the way around. In our example, our chair seats measured 20" wide x 18" deep. As you'll see belowsofa pillow covers, this meant our cushion insert was cut at 19" x 17" and our fabric was cut 20" x 18".

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Our sample was made using the beautiful fabrics from Heather Bailey's Freshcut collection. For information on where to buy, read How to Create a Fabric Pallet.

Editor's Note:?We think of the Patio Party projects as special-occasion pieces – lovely party accessories to warm up the patio... and the guests. They are intended to be party-time, decorative pieces that would come inside after the fun is done. We chose not to limit our options to rugged outdoor fabrics; instead looked for the most joyful, summery fabric we could find, knowing it isn't intended to sit out in the rain. Of course, the instructions will certainly work with rain-resistant fabric, so feel free to substitute and make a set you can leave out for the season.

Fabric from left: Heather Bailey's Freshcut in Painted Mum-olive/gold, Finery-pink, Cabbage Rose-brown, and Stripe-gold; in back: NuFoam for cushion insert.

NU-Foam comes in various thicknesses and is sold as pre-cut squares or in pre-determined widths on a long roll that can be cut to length. Measure the seat size on the chairs you would like to make cushions for, and check to see if a pre-cut NU-Foam insert would better suit your needs. Because it can be a bit of a challenge to cut, it may be easier for you to buy the pre-cut NU-Foam inserts per cushion, as long as the sizes they make will work for your chairs. Just read through the above instructions and make measurement alterations for the pattern pieces accordingly.

When sewing corners on a seam, try backtacking and sewing over a few stitches once you reach the pivot point of the next seam. This way, these corners will be more reinforced when you clip away fabric and turn them inside out.

Contributors Project Design: Alicia Thommas Sample Creation &; Instructions: Gregory Dickson

Other machines suitable for this project include the Bernina bernette 66 and the Baby Lock Crafter's Choice.

Today on the blog we show you how easy it is to turn 2m of woollen fabric into a cosy throw blanket that will warm up your space (and your toes) this winter.

Guests were treated to the killer musical stylings of?DJ Smiles Davis?as they explored the store for the first time. Light bites from?Poppy’s?and drinks from?Sunday Beer,?Dirty Lemon?and?Underwood?kept the crowd going. (Full disclosure: We ordered two dozen late night pizzas because the crowd?really?kept going!)