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sofa pillow covers Patio Party- Sunny Throw Pillows customized rustic pillow covers
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Learn to make these simple pillow coverings, and you can change the look of any décor in a few fast and easy steps. This construction has no pesky buttons, zippers or Velcro to deal with – just a basic 'envelope' closure on the back, which also means you can pull out your pillow and wash the cover when Uncle Mort spills BBQ sauce on it.

You can buy pillow inserts to create a brand new pillowsofa pillow covers, or you can recover a pillow you already have. We made two 16" and two 20" pillows for our patio party, but you could make lots more in all kinds of sizes. We give you notes below on how to adjust your fabric cuts.

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Our sample was made using the beautiful fabrics from Heather Bailey's Freshcut collection. For information on where to buy, read How to Create a Fabric Pallet.

I know that looks like a lot of steps for what I promised would be an easy project, but that's just because I'm wordy ... and I want to make sure you have good formulas to follow so you can use these same instructions for the many, many, many pillows you'll be making. We are finally ready to sew!

When sewing corners, try backtacking and sewing over a few stitches once you reach the pivot point of the next seam. This way, your corners will be better reinforced when you clip away fabric and turn them inside out.

Depending on the size and stuffing content, pillow inserts can be the most expensive part of your entire pillow project. One great alternative to buying pillow inserts is to keep your eyes peeled for regular pillows on sale at home furnishing stores or discount retailers. They'll likely be in colors or fabric designs you don't like, but who cares? You're going to tear off their ugly cover and replace it with your own spiffy new cover. Read more about pillows in general and pillow recycling in particular.

Contributors Project Design: Alicia Thommas Sample Creation &; Instructions: Gregory Dickson

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