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sofa pillow covers The Bella Collection – bringing together the bold and the beautiful funny cushion covers
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As interior fashions and designs become increasingly more vibrant, daring and varied, many of us struggle with which avenue to turn down for dressing their own homes. Whether it is bold stripes, delicate florals or simple, vivid plainssofa pillow covers, getting the balance and mixture between bold and beautiful right is somewhat tricky; even to the professionals. Thankfully, fabric companies have come to our rescue and provided us with fantastic and contemporary design collections which work well as individual pieces or worked alongside one another.

One beautiful example is the Prestigious Bella Collection, which brings together youthful and daring stripes and spots with more delicate and feminine flower prints. Made from 100% cotton, this fantastic range is easy to work with, look after and clean and can also be used for all your window dressing needs. This article takes you through the range and gives you some top inspiration on how to incorporate the designs into your home.

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If you are looking to create a real wow factor with your curtains or blinds, the Bella Collection offers several stripe and spot options in a variety of colour schemes to suit everybody’s home. The classic Flo stripe works fabulously for blinds and accentuates their linear form and neat, fold away style. On particularly long curtains, however, do ensure that your curtains are either interlined or relatively full to avoid them looking thin and lanky. Alongside your curtains, this fabric would work well on the back of scatter cushions, as tie backs in contrast to the other fabrics or as a bed head.

For a funky, retro inspired finish, the Meribelle print offers the same fabulous colour pallet in an almost marble effect which will work well for simple curtains such as eyelet heading or pencil pleat.

To help bring these various patterns together, it is worthwhile to introduce scatter cushions of the same fabrics. Try designing your own and backing a floral cushion with its stripe counterpart. Or, for a more subtle effect, consider piping a complete floral cushion in the stripe fabric. As you will have already introduced a lot of pattern in to your room, keep your upholstery fabrics simple and complementary to your cushions and curtains to sit as a calm backdrop to your new scheme.

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