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Our new neighborhood is hit-or-miss for flowers…;come to think of it, our old one was as well. Sometimes, when you REALLY need them to liven up the placesofa pillow covers, there just isn’;t much of a selection. Then we took the word “;liven”; to heart in thinking about alternatives we could use when we couldn’;t find great flowers. It’;s having something alive, and from nature that really works the magic…;flowers just happen to be one of many possibilities. We love these summer apricots in the brass basket a friend recently gave us from The Museum of Arts and Design’;s store in New York City (and available by mail order). Imagine the setting WITHOUT this alt-arrangement and you see what a difference it makes.

We’;ve also taken to picking up leafy, newly fallen branches from the park across the way.

linen sheets

Arranged in a pretty vase ?–; we used a label-less globe olive oil bottle -…;

photo: sally schneider

leafy branches can do the work of flowers, a lesson we learned from our friend Maria Robledo…;

(We highly recommend Lynn Davis’; book of photographs Monument. It’;s one of the books we prop open to make an instant artwork and decoration.)

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